Welcome Parents!

The parents of our school play a key role in the academic life of our students. They, after all, are our students’ first teachers. They also may spend more time  with our students than we do. They teach far more than we do here in school to their children, most of it by modeling.

It is one of our  utmost priorities to create a working partnership with parents, one with common goals and shared responsibilities.

Educator Johana Juarez has found that successful teaching often hinges on employing a wide variety of instructional methods to meet student needs. One of these methods is the implementation of a communication bridge between parents, students and teachers. 
SMBCCS Parent Center offers great opportunities for parents to help their children to succeed at school.
Our Parent Program offers Benefits for Parents:
  • Acquire necessary skills to help children succeed in life: teach positive communication & conflict resolution techniques.
  • Learn effective family management & discipline practices: improves family relations & reduces behavior.
  • Develop positive prevention strategies: reduce risks posed by substance abuse & delinquency to their children.
  • Raise children to be productive citizens, free from violence, substance abuse & other negative influences; with strong families, friendships & bonds to school and their community.
  • Provide a supportive group program in which parents can experience a sense of belonging and trust.
  • Provide a forum in which to dispense valuable information on a variety of topics of concern to parents and children.
Program Benefits for Children:
  • Develop increased feelings of self-esteem and independence, promote a sense of responsibility
  • Promote a heightened respect for self and others while developing social skills.
  • Learn coping skills, problem-solving and decision making strategies.
  • Receive information on drug, alcohol and violence prevention.
  • Enhance the necessary skills that will promote a sense of security, raise their level of social competence, give them a sense of self reliance, a higher self esteem and the courage to face the challenges of today’s world.
Visit us and give yourself a chance to experience a different place where you can find what you need to help yourself and your children to succeed in life.